General English with Skills for Career Success is our flagship course. This programme combines our General English tuition with a unique curriculum designed to develop your 21st Century Skills and prepare you for career success.

The course develops the confidence and skills you need to express yourself powerfully and is ideal if you wish to enter the workforce or advance your career at home or abroad.

Using materials from National Geographic Learning and a coursebook which has been specifically designed for BSC, students benefit from a course that combines the Skills for Career Success programme with our General English course.

The BSC General English course is the centre of our teaching. It is designed to improve your English communication skills in an interactive and engaging way.

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Do you know the top 5 skills employers want?

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Interpersonal Skills

A global survey in 2019* found most graduates do not have these skills. You can get them on the General English with Skills for Career Success course.

Course outcomes

On completion of this course, using innovative, interesting material from our partners at National Geographic Learning and additional digital project work, you will:

  • Be better prepared to work effectively and confidently in a career setting at home or abroad.
  • Have developed and demonstrated, using English, the 21st Century Skills that are increasingly demanded by employers.
  • Have improved your teamwork, creative, presentation and critical thinking skills all while advancing your digital competency and English language ability.
  • Have created a digital record of your work with an ability to operate in English that can be shown with pride to family, friends and potential employers.
  • Have grown in confidence and feel prepared for the next step.
  • Formed new friendships with students from around the world in a collaborative and supportive environment.