Students may choose from a range of elective classes. This provides students with the flexibility to build a program which meets their individual needs.

Basic Academic Skills of English (Levels 3-5): This demanding class provides students with the basic skills that they need to succeed in college or university. First, students learn about spelling patterns and commonly misspelled words. The course moves on to cover basic reading, listening, and writing skills. Throughout the course, students are taught study habits and the ability to think critically, both of which are necessary to succeed in any higher education program.

Introduction to Writing (Levels 4-5): In this class, students learn the fundamentals of writing. By familiarizing students with parts of speech, sentence structure and context, this class provides students with a solid foundation in understanding how writing is different from and more demanding than other forms of communication, and it prepares them for success in intermediate and even advanced writing classes.

Intermediate Functional Writing (Levels 6-7): This class allows students to produce practical and functional pieces of writing related to many everyday situations. On finishing the course, students are able to use the appropriate register, vocabulary and grammar in coherent paragraphs, formal and informal letters, and emails. Students are shown how to work independently when brainstorming, outlining and writing, and they are taught how to identify and correct the errors in their own writing.

Pronunciation (Levels 5-7): This class is designed for students who wish to sound just like English speakers. By focusing on minimal pairs and reduced forms, students learn to identify English sounds and produce them. The course also focuses on word stress as well as sentence stress. This course allows any learner to enter a conversation speaking with clarity and confidence in his or her ability to comprehend.

Business Communication (Levels 7-10): This class assists students planning to work for an international company. It guides students through the job-hunting process by giving them the language skills to understand job advertisements, create a professional online presence, write an outstanding resume, and perform well in a job interview. Students are also taught language and communication strategies to survive in a variety of everyday business situations.