Dr. Rashida Suleman is a professional IELTS trainer with nearly a decade of experience and expertise and have touched lives of thousands of her students by providing excellent IELTS lessons covering all the modules (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking).She has produced perfect 9 bands for 21 times and 8 and above 200+ times. Another feather in her hat is the title of “The Best.”

She believes that what a student needs to learn is the basics of the English language before getting into IELTS preparation. She make them learn the grammar, give them a lot of practice worksheets and then eventually teach them IELTS. She has had a record of no student getting below 7 bands, yet, so I think that makes me a great and successful teacher.
As an IELTS trainer, known for adapting classrooms to modern needs and incorporating technology into lessons. Dedicated to optimizing student experiences and understanding through enthusiastic and innovative methods. Fantastic eye for detail and organizational skills. Her passion, experience and patience make my courses engaging and customizable for any individual’s need.
No matter what your learning pace is, you will never get bored with her courses. Above all, She instill a lasting positive mindset in you with positivity determination and hard work. With the help of these principles you will be pushed toward.
She is a pedagogue with several years of vast accumulation of pedagogic noesis in assisting the disciples in attaining their desired band scores in IELTS. Currently She is  a permanent Resident in Canada and She has been taking offline and online classes for Spoken English, English grammar and IELTS.she  train students for getting the required band for IELTS through interactive sessions.
Seasoned educator with over a decade in International Baccalaureate (IB), Canadian, American, British and Indian curricula. Worked in senior leadership roles across primary and secondary levels. Led authorization and implementation of IB diploma and Cambridge International Examination (CIE) programs. Extensive knowledge of school planning and management (financial budgeting, teacher training, curriculum planning). IELTS and English as a second language (ESL) training experience .and have a proven track record of getting coaching maximum students to get the required band
“ Success is a journey ,not a destination.”
• Ph.D. (English)from GREATWOOD University Oregon,USA in April,2017,GPA 3.91,Distinction
• Masters (EnglishLanguage&Literature)fromAndhraUniversity,India, January1995
• Masters (PublicAdministration) fromNationalUniversity,India, December1987
• B.Ed.(English&BiologicalSciences)from Andhra University,India, May 1983
• B.Sc.(Chemistry,Zoology&Botany)from Andhra University, India, MAY 1979

• Certified IB Coordinator
• Certified Cambridge Exam Officer
• President of Toastmasters International, Bahrain
• Member of Lions Club International
• Won various speech contests at Area and International level
• Actively attended IBDP Summer Workshops in Greece
• Received award for humorous speech contest in Connecticut, USA, Toast Masters, International
• Strong communication and people management skills
• Mentoring and guiding students.
• Divergent outlook with creative approach to problem solving using analytical skills & the ability to deal effectively with all levels of an organization
• Hands-on experience & skills in developing curriculum to accommodate different learning styles & maximizing students’ comprehension
• A keen planner &implementer with track record of implementing operational policies/ norms, systems & controls, motivational schemes & education standards during the career span
• Experiencefacilitatingstudentsbyusinginteractivediscussionsand“hands-on” approach to help students learn and apply concepts in English.
Student Management
• Recognizing, respecting & nurturing the creative potential of each student; fostering a healthy learning atmosphere in class and responding to all classroom queries in a spontaneous, empathic manner
• Spearheadingcurriculumplanning,professionaldevelopment;implementingeducationalprograms
• Observing students’work,behavior&attendance;keeping records and writing reports on performance