Most students judge a good or bad teacher based on personalities and preferred learning style. I would like to talk about my IELTS teacher her name is Dr. Rashida Suleman from Canada and her teaching style is really wonderful. She always helps me to realize my strengths and weakness , encourage and challenges me to learn through difficulties So In IELTS my weakest part is the reading section but because of Dr. Rashida , she helped me a lot and improved my reading skills and always told me to focus more on this part. She is so loving and has a very good nature. She is very honest with her teaching method . She is very helpful to me and respects each student as an individual. At last a good IELTS teacher recognizes the uniqueness of each student and uses it to help the students to maximize their learning . So In this I am very thankful to Dr. Rashida Suleman for improving my skills as she has excellent experience of 25 years .
From my point of view, she is the best teacher ever in this world..